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Brain Dump
Brain Dump is my personal blog, and may be updated with anything from random project news to what I had for breakfast.
Urban Paranoia
Urban Paranoia is a street game intended for play in dense urban environments. It is an attempt to explore activities within the "big games" space which are more game-y and less spectacle-y. It is a test bed and a spur for thinking about the nature of big games in addition to being a really fun game on its own.
Givkwik is a project focused on thinking about and generating systems for charitable micro-giving. It acts as both a sort of inversion of the traditional micro-payment mentality and a way to leverage interaction modes that were literally non-existent a decade ago.
Textonic is the working title for a system designed to allow the design of for-pay semantic crowd-sourcing of information. It leverages Amazon's Mechanical Turk to send data for categorization. The project is still early-stage but the potential applications are staggeringly broad.
OpenAAC is a project intended to produce open source software coupled with low-cost off-the-shelf hardware that allows people with severe communication disorders to access multiple devices to offset their difficulties. The current model used in the production of these devices results in a few high cost generalist devices when what is needed are many low-cost specialty devices.
Watch With Me
Watch With Me represents the next major step for streaming video. Watch With Me seeks to allow people spread across the world to duplicate the experience of watching film or television together on a couch. By synchronizing playback controls so that each viewer's stream pauses, plays, rewinds, and skips forward synchronously, and by incorporating a text-based chat system Watch With Me duplicates the time-synchronicity of sharing a single screen.
Tweet Cascade
Tweet Cascade enables topic-focused group discussion using the Twitter platform. Tweet Cascade works entirely in the background in order to integrate seemlessly with a user's established Twitter use patterns. There's (almost) nothing new to learn. Just plug it in and watch the discussions take off.
ITP Telepresence
ITP Telepresence is a project undertaken with Cisco that attempts to understand the impact of high-definition telepresence in public spaces. Creating virtual windows between geographically-distant space generates simultaneously familiar and alien interactions between the people on either side.
Social dynamics of Wikipedia
We tend to think of Wikipedia as a collection of articles, and while this is accurate, it is incomplete. This project attempts to understand how Wikipedia is also a collection of clusters of knowledgable people. How do users collaborate not just on single articles, but on groups of articles that deal with similar subject matter?

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